troubled distressed

If you feel like life is crumbling down on you, that both big and small tasks are equally and almost unbearably difficult; if you feel like “yea, I can do this… I can do that… but what’s the point…,” you are most likely depressed.

You may have some variation of these symptoms, and the severity of them may differ, because there are no two individuals whose depression looks and feels the same.

If you get significantly depressed periodically, you probably have heard the “snap out of it” advice too many times by now.

Advice you can recognize as well-meaning but oh-so-hurtful nevertheless, because you can’t do it and because depression brings very real pain.

When working with you during your depressive episode, we will concentrate on immediate issues of your life, because they may lead to significant stress levels if not taken care of.

We will also work on understanding the possible causes of your current state and events that preceded it. That is where the prevention work will start, so you don’t have to go back to the same miserable cycle of getting depressed, struggling out of it, and trying to get your life back on track only to once again revert back to depression.

Prevention work will allow you to control the trajectory of your development as an adult.