ADHD screening

Adult Psychoeducational Assessment is helpful in updating, clarifying, or establishing the diagnoses of learning disabilities and/or adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. This form of testing may be helpful to clients who have suspected that they have an ADHD or a learning disability  but were not diagnosed as children.

Adults adhd1
  • This assessment is also helpful to people who may have been previously diagnosed with learning disabilities or ADHD  and need an updated evaluation. Such an updated evaluation is usually required in order to apply for  accommodations on standardized tests and in school. Accommodations in school may include  additional time on tests or a quiet separate room for testing.

    We offer several types of psychoeducational assessments, and we also can modify testing based on your needs.

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Screening: This brief testing establishes the diagnosis of ADHD in adults, if such diagnosis has not been made in childhood. It also serves to establish the severity of any symptoms. It involves a diagnostic interview, an attention test, and several self-report questionnaires.

    This will result in a brief report complete with relevant recommendations and referrals. This testing is helpful in clarifying the symptoms of ADHD, differentiating it from other psychological conditions that may affect attention- such as anxiety or depression- and making decisions with regard to medications and other appropriate treatments.

    Medications for ADHD often include stimulants and have significant side effects that can be amplified in persons without ADHD or with other psychiatric conditions. Therefore, establishing a correct diagnosis prior to starting  medications is highly recommended.