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TEMA Therapy Center does not directly work with insurance companies, but our patients who have health insurance with out-of-network benefits usually get reimbursed by insurance providers from 60 to 70% of the cost of treatment. We are providing all necessary forms for these reimbursements.  The majority of our therapists offer sliding scale sessions for those who are in true financial need. We also have therapists-in-training whose fees are substantially lower and who work under supervision of our highly experienced professionals. In other words, we strive to make therapy affordable for many.

Some parents may have a sense that their child has unusually high intellectual abilities or very above-average aptitude in one or more academic areas. Frequently, such parents have a pretty accurate perception of their children. We provide testing that is helpful in figuring out if your child is eligible for many accelerated programs that were developed for children who show very high intellectual aptitude in one or more areas of cognitive and academic functioning. For example, the parents may initiate an application process for the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth if they have the required results of the cognitive testing that is performed at our Center.

It should be noted, however, that in New Jersey, a consideration of the child’s eligibility for public school Gifted and Talented programs is done based on the following statement: “District boards of education shall make provisions for an ongoing K-12 identification process for gifted and talented students that includes multiple measures, including but not limited to, achievement test scores, grades, student performance or products, intelligence testing, parent, student and/or teacher recommendation, and other appropriate measures.” (State of New Jersey Department of Education)  

All in all, it does make sense to know where your child might be intellectually as it is very helpful for the children to be provided with a level of stimulation appropriate to their abilities and academic aptitude.

(fill in the blank: the couple who have been together for eternity; a couple from mixed background; gay couple, poly-amorous couple, a couple of friends; a couple who is dealing with chronic illness). At our Center, we take into account your cultural backgrounds and your histories of previous relationships, all of which have direct impact on your current issues. It is possible to cite a long list of different approaches to couple’s and family counseling that are utilized by our specialists, but it would be sufficient to say that we tailor our approach to your relational needs, while having YOUR goals for this relationship in mind.

We also do multigenerational work, which, when necessary, may involve extended family members, and blended families.

Family work is difficult, quite messy, occasionally loud and unruly. Yet we feel very privileged to work with your family in order to create more balance and satisfaction for each family member. All types of couples and families are welcome!

There are times when nothing seems to be moving forward, when you feel “stuck.” This is especially true for anyone going through a transitional period regarding health, school, job, family, or retirement. This stagnation may happen to young adults, to individuals with certain limitations in their lives, and even to organizations.

If any of the above applies to you, it is time to reassess your history, dreams, and talents; refocus on what is most important to you now, and how to make it happen.

To assist you, TEMA is offering executive functioning coaching and brief consultations that are frequently enough to facilitate change and help you achieve your goals.

Achieving your goals usually  involves  seeing yourself from a different perspective and recognizing your desires, interests, and dreams. Professional advice can be incredibly instrumental in this process.


We are unique because we go where the child is. One of the forms of parental counseling is conducted by our child psychologist at a child’s home. As we all know, many problems start when children are very young. However, when you bring a baby or a toddler to a doctor’s office, the parent-child interaction will be artificial and not very informative diagnostically. That is why we do home visits when there is a need to access specific dimensions of the delicate relationship between a very young child and a parent. This way, our recommendations concerning the cornerstones of future development – the routines, the details of environment, and the quality of the bond between the child and the caregiver – will be very specific and family-tailored.

Our psychologist is highly experienced in working with children of all ages and backgrounds, and is dedicated to providing personalized care that meets the unique needs of each child and family. Whether your child is struggling with social anxiety, peer relationships, or other social challenges, our psychologists and therapists will work closely with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that fits your child’s specific needs.

We understand that seeking help for your child can be a difficult decision, which is why we offer a compassionate and supportive environment that prioritizes your child’s well-being. Our psychologist is trained in a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and techniques, and will work with you and your child to identify the best strategies for achieving positive change.

Don’t wait any longer to help you or your child reach the full potential. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our unique approach to adult and child psychology.

In order to find the therapist who will be the most effective in helping you resolve your issues, we provide a 15 min free over the phone consultation with the director of the center, Dr. Irina Volynsky, who will hear your needs and set you up with the best therapist for your situation.