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Sometimes anxiety is a stand-alone condition, but often it is co-morbid with depression (what weird terms we, professionals, manage to coin at times; why not to say “dances along with” or “sandwiches together with”). And really, how can you not feel depressed if worrying about matters big and small keeps you up at night and spoils your intimate moments?

It is not so much your work, but your worries that exhaust you by the end of the day. They keep you from being productive and enjoying your life.

You have noticed that people sometimes shy away from you because anxiety tends to spread, so you try your best not to appear anxious. However, you still cannot control your train of thoughts, so you feel on edge all the time.

When working with you, I will ask you to lead me into the nitty-gritty details of your mode of thinking or feeling; how you get from point A (waking up) to point B (being worried sick about this or that).

As with depression, I may encourage you to seek psychiatric consultation to understand what psychopharmacological options are available, but the ultimate decision about medication will NOT be made for you.

You will not feel alone on those rocky landscapes of your emotional states. Together, we will figure out at what stage in your life your ability to foresee what may be coming at you was life-saving, and when the same ability became constraining. In due course, you will learn how to control your tendency to feel responsible for everything and everybody around you.   Dr. Irina Volynsky