Amaury Hernandez

Behavioral Conditioning Coach

Certificates: Personal Trainer, Sensory Integration, Parkour

Languages: English, Spanish

I have eight years of experience helping children of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and limitations develop physically and emotionally through behavioral coaching. My focus is using athletic training as a means of nurturing emotional regulation and confidence.

My immigrant parents filled their days with work, and were seldom present in my life. I began playing sports at a young age; by high school I played numerous varsity sports. My coaches filled the gap in mentorship in my life; sports helped me feel like I have direction. Still in high school, injury left me unable to compete in sports for two years. Being deprived of athletics led me to realize the profound role sports had come to play not just in my physical sense of self, but also in my sense of purpose and identity.

Over my professional career, I found two sports in particular to be especially effective in stimulating psychosocial development through athletic training. Parkour is about overcoming obstacles gracefully. Ninja warrior is about meeting challenges in succession. Both parkour and ninja warrior require cardio, balance, and full-body strength. Working for my first gym, I built up a ninja warrior program from four to 300 students. I then started Sensory Sports and partnered with TEMA Therapy Center. My current work focuses on developing emotional regulation, grit, consistency, and organizational skills through improving gross coordination and enhancing sensory integration.

My life and professional experience is a testament to the effectiveness of physical activity in regulating  the emotional self. The object of my work is to use athletic play and competition to achieve a healthy emotional balance. I work with children and teens individually and in groups.  Group work promotes social skills in addition to grit and self-regulation.