Couple’s and Family Therapy

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  • Трудно быть успешным, гибким, непредвзятым и открытым человеком. А как насчет еще и счастливым?

    Now try and also maintain stable and fulfilling romantic relationship. Hard enough, isn’t it?

    Try to keep the relationship healthy and strong at all times…ok, some of the time. Now, throw a couple of kids into this equation.  How do you feel? And what about that sense of inner balance and peace? If it is still there, you are a superhuman, and the rest of us hardly measure up to you.

  • Мы часто спотыкаемся, пытаясь найти свой путь через сложный лабиринт отношений. Количество и интенсивность конфликтов в отношениях конечно же вещь индивидуальная.

    On the one end of the continuum is the relationship that is burdened by battles and acute dissatisfaction from the initial stages, yet people stay together for a variety of reasons. On the other end of the same continuum is a strong and healthy relationship with only mild glitches that can be improved by a few counseling sessions. There are also all sorts of possible scenarios in-between, which can be enhanced, helped, and even sometimes saved by a timely, tactful yet candid professional intervention.

  • At TEMA, we take into account your cultural background and your history of previous relationships, all of which have direct impact on your current issues. It is possible to cite a long list of different approaches to couple’s and family counseling that is utilized by our specialists, but it would be sufficient to say that we tailor our approach to your relational needs, while having YOUR goals for this relationship in mind.

    При необходимости мы можем включить в работу не только вашего партнера, но и других родственников.

    Семейная терапия - работа обычно сложная, непредсказуемая, напоминающая борьбу без правил, иногда - шумная и всегда эмоционально напряженная. Тем не менее, для нас большая честь работать с семьями, т.к. мы чувствуем огромное удовлетворение когда удается наладить отношения и улучшить качество жизни целой семьи