Наша задача и история компании

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  • TEMA therapy is here to help you in a world that is uncertain and sometimes lonely. As a multicultural and multilingual center, we believe that tapping into your culture, language, and family roots can help you on your journey. The founder of this facility, Dr. Irina Volynsky, had multiple experiences of being asked to evaluate children and adults whose native language was not English, who were misdiagnosed and not receiving appropriate help. Diagnostic mistakes happened not only because of the language barrier but were also stemming from the different cultural context in which norm and pathology were understood differently.

  • For example, a child who emigrated from a rural area of a Middle Eastern country does not necessarily manifest a learning disability when he is struggling to read at the age of eight. His cultural expectations were such that this is the age when he would have just started learning the very basics of reading, had he stayed in his native country.

    Those expectations apply to him in many subtle ways and, therefore, his struggles in the US school should be understood (and worked with) very differently as opposed to those of a third generation New Yorker, who has been exposed to various enrichment classes with the focus on literacy starting at 18 months of age. Based on understanding that such cultural discrepancies often create wrong diagnoses, and, even worse, wrong treatment paths, the idea of a center that would put the notion and the knowledge of multiculturalism as its founding stone was created.

    Команда TEMA Therapy состоит из высококлассных специалистов - выходцев из различных стран, которые сами прошли перекрестки разных культур и языков. Наша миссия - предоставлять качественные услуги в области психологического здоровья для вас и ваших детей. Мы говорим на русском не потому что мы его выучили, а потому что он для нас родной. Мы понимаем высказанное и невысказанное, потому что у нас в вами одни корни. Мы знаем культурный контекст и работаем с понимаем этого контекста.