• Amaury Hernandez

    Behavioral Conditioning Coach

    Certificates: Personal Trainer, Sensory Integration, Parkour

    Languages: English, Spanish

    I've been working with Neurotypical and Neurodivergent children of all different ages, backgrounds, athletic abilities for over 7 years. My main focus is general movement and emotional coaching but I train kids in specific team sports as well. I was a very active child myself, excelling in many sports. I was the captain and leader and played numerous varsity sports. Being very active was and is a big part of my life. Being athletic at a young age allowed me to develop many healthy relationships growing up which helped shape my emotional intelligence and I was able to learn how to regulate my emotions early on.

    Coming from a family that immigrated to this country, my parents were always working and weren’t able to play a major role in the lives of my brother and I so we used sports and our coaches to fill that gap. I will forever be grateful to all the coaches I had growing up I learned a lot about life and myself through sports. After high school an injury left me unable to compete in any sports for two years, and I had to find out who I was as a person without having the comfort of playing sports. After I recovered, I tried a number of different things and I ended up finding a sport I really enjoyed in parkour and ninja warrior and have been sticking with it since.

    Parkour is simply overcoming obstacles - mental or physical. Still, something was missing and I found it in working with kids at a gym in NJ. I took over their very small ninja program with four students, and in two years built it up to 12 classes with a little over 300 students and 5 coaches assisting me. After I left the gym, I started Sensory Sports LLC and got the opportunity to partner with TEMA Therapy Center and assist on cases. I geared my teaching towards more sensory/somatic principles. Through my experiences of working with children in my parkour/ninja warrior classes, and through my own growing up I've been able to find the right balance in coaching kids to reach their fullest potential and be able to regulate themselves properly.