Andrew Optimised

Andrew Roetman

Supervised Therapist

Languages: English


  • Current Ph.D. Student in Clinical Psychology, Gordon F. Derner Institute, Adelphi University (Anticipated 2027)
  • Post Baccalaureate: Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University (2020)
  • Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy, Colgate University (2017)

I embarked on my journey at TEMA Therapy Center as an Executive Functioning Coach in 2019, driven by my deep interest in supporting young individuals, particularly those on the autism spectrum or with ADHD. It became evident that the blend of academic knowledge and hands-on experience could make a tangible difference in these individuals’ lives. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to assist a diverse array of clients, primarily aged 14 to 24. We worked closely on improving their planning, organization, and time management skills, with careful attention to their individual needs and the interplay of emotions and social relationships on their goal attainment. The transformation and growth I’ve witnessed in these individuals have been a gratifying experience. A combination of coaching experience and being a co-leader in a therapeutic group work format for over three years allowed me to develop a set of critical skills that now come very handy with children and young adults alike when engaging in therapy with them.

My professional scope extends beyond coaching. I’ve delved into Alzheimer’s research as a Research Assistant at Columbia University Medical Center, expanding my understanding of cognitive decline. This experience, coupled with my fascination with the potential of artificial intelligence in clinical and research settings, continues to enrich my professional and academic pursuits. As a Ph.D. student at Adelphi University, I’m striving to bridge the gap between theory and praxis. My focus is on neuropsychological testing, and I co-lead a psychodynamically informed processing group. Additionally, I’m actively engaged in research on AI-assisted projective testing.

As part of TEMA, I continue to offer executive functioning coaching and therapy, drawing on my experiences and ongoing learning, with the aim of making a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives. On a personal note, when I’m not engaged in work or studies, I find balance and rejuvenation in running, practicing yoga, and savoring quality tea. These personal endeavors not only provide me with enjoyment but also inspire my holistic and empathetic approach to work.