About us

Tema Therapy is a multi-lingual Center created to serve the various needs of people and families who consider being multi-cultural or multi-lingual as a part of their identity.

Focus on understanding cultural context is the trademark of our center. Our psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors often serve as a bridge between the families and society, represented by schools (including colleges and graduate programs), professional workplaces, and the court system. In addition, our social workers offer consultations for people who are trying to navigate through the governmental and social system.

Our social workers will provide you with the necessary resources to address various issues, such as housing, medical insurance, and any other benefits you might be eligible for. Our social workers and mental health counselors also offer life coaching, motivational interviewing, and person-centered planning. The last of the three comes in handy when you might be on a crossroad in terms of job and career search. We will try our best to find a mental health professional that is familiar even with the most seemingly unimportant details of your cultural community.