• There are times when nothing seems to be moving forward, when you feel “stuck”. This is especially true for anyone, going through a transitional period regarding health, school, job, family, or retirement. This may happen to young adults, to individuals with certain limitations in their lives, and even to organizations.

    If any of the above applies to you, it is time to reassess your history, dreams, and talents; refocus on what is most important to you now, and how to make it happen.

  • To assist you, our Center is offering the facilitation of Person Centered Planning developed by Beth Mount & Kay Zwernik in 1988 and used nationwide since.

    As a result of Person Centered Planning:

    • You will see yourself from a different perspective
    • Recognize your desires, interests, and dreams.
    • Find ways of turning your dreams into reality.
    • Receive tremendous support in gaining control over your life.
    • Increase opportunities for becoming a valuable member of your community.

    Person Centered Planning is a process with multiple steps and various tools.

    Irina Tuchina is a process facilitator for Person Centered Planning. To learn more please contact Irina Tuchina at (347)766-8556.