• Sue Sonkin

    Occupational therapist

    Tomatis Consultant

    Licenses: New York, New Jersey

    Languages: English, Spanish


    • 2006 Tomatis® Consultant Tomatis, SA Paris, France
    • 1980 Certification in Sensory Integration and Praxis Test, Western Psychological Services
    • 1978 MS in Occupational Therapy fellowship funded by US Department of Maternal Health
    • 1974 BS in Occupational Therapy Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    I am the sister of a person with special needs. He was born at an unfortunate time in our world’s knowledge. There wasn’t much guidance for my family, and so my brother grew up with expectations that he would be leading a normal life. His emotional issues became more important then his learning issues. My family suffered.

    I became convinced that there had to be a better way, and, if that better way did not exist, it would be up to me to create it. This is a responsibility I have taken very seriously in my professional training and career. My initial goal was to prevent mental health issues in adults. I found that a significant portion of adults had issues as children.

    Next I devoted myself to children with mental health issues, specifically children who did not perceive their world correctly or had sensory integrative and processing issues. Boston University offered me the opportunity to further advance my studies with some of the most venerated professors in the field, under a fully paid federal scholarship program. While in Boston, I performed research in the area of sensory processing and emotional disturbance in children.

    I was a pioneer in opening a pediatric occupational therapy private practice and bringing Sensory Integration to the East Coast. I assisted schools and other health and treatment centers to phase in occupational therapy services under the Free and Appropriate Education for Handicapped Children Act, 94-142. I opened the first Early Intervention Program with an emphasis on programming for autistic children in the New York Metropolitan Area. It proudly served as the example for many programs that followed.

    At this time of my life and career, my practice is limited to occupational therapy services with an emphasis on sensory processing and Tomatis® Listening Training predominantly with children with autism, ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder, adoption, maternal attachment disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and others. Some of this work extends to people of all ages. My Tomatis® work also includes voice and instrumental musicians, English as a second language, accent reduction, new language acquisition, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and many other areas.